Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simile, Moon Rondeau, Woman

4. I think that it  is only possible for two people to remain close without sometimes quarreling if they never talk and express their feelings and opinions. However if you two people have a relationship they will most likely quarell sometimes.

1. The mood and feeling in this poem is tense and tight. You can tell there is some kind of "elephant in the room" so to speak and can feel that through the lines of the poem.

3. I think the speaker feels that there is hope for this relationship. I can tell this through the last line that reads " in whose limbs there is latent flight." With change this relationship will improve.


3. I think this poem is mainly about independence. The woman keeps trying to forge a relationship with this man and he keeps turning her down. However in the end she became a woman and even though he didn't want to be a man she decided it was all right.

4. I think that the woman now feels that her relationship with the man is nonexistent or worthless. She tried very hard to create a relationship and he turned her down multiple times and now she has become independent.

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